Perch Fishing Tips

Simple Method:

The best way to catch perch is to anchor your boat along a weed bed and fish straight down with a hook and sinker. Perch like worms and tiny minnows. Catching Perch is easy. The question is how to maximize the volume of Perch that you catch.

Increase Volume:

To increase volume is to attract Perch from a distance and create a large school under the boat. One way is to "chum" but that's illegal in Canada so what do you do.

Drive your boat right into the thick weeds. Throw out your anchor and use the boat to drag the anchor through the weeds thus picking up a big wad of weeds on your anchor and stirring up the mud on the bottom. Once you think you have a big mess of weeds on your anchor and anchor rope, drag the big mess about 10 feet off the line of the weeds.

What happens now is all the little Brine Shrimp and bugs will be swimming around due to you disturbing their area. This attracts all kinds of fish but most of all, it attracts Perch.

"Chum" or "Chumming" is the act of throwing out bait or feed into the water to attract fish. It's the term used in Ontario. Every state or province seems to have their own name for this action. It's illegal in Canada to chum on fresh water lakes or rivers.