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Is the Coronavirus Pandemic / COVID-19 Pandemic real or a hoax? - you decide after reading the facts


All information was collected from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, WHO, Statistics Canada, Mayo Clinic and the US National Library of Medicine.

Total Deaths (Ref: & Statistics Canada)

It should be noted that successful suicides in Canada and the USA were up 240% in 2020. That's an extra 112,500 deaths in the USA and an extra 8,000 deaths in Canada.

• US Deaths in 2018 - 2,839,205
• US Deaths in 2019 - 2,852,609 (+13,404 or 0.47% more than 2018)
• US Deaths in 2020 - 2,869,600 (+16,991 or 0.59% more than 2019)

• Canadian Deaths in 2016 - 262,090
• Canadian Deaths in 2017 - 274,240 (+12,150 or 4.6% more than 2016)
• Canadian Deaths in 2018 - 283,770 (+9,530 or 3.4% more than 2017)
• Canadian Deaths in 2019 - 287,460 (+3690 or 1.3% more than 2018)
• Canadian Deaths in 2020 - 300,310 (+12,840 or 4.4% more than 2019)

Total Population of Canada vs. Deaths by %
• 2016 - 36,110,000 people - 262,090 deaths - 0.73%
• 2017 - 36,540,000 people - 274,240 deaths - 0.75%
• 2018 - 37,060,000 people - 283,770 deaths - 0.75%
• 2019 - 37,590,000 people - 287,460 deaths - 0.76%
• 2020 - 38,008,005 people - 300,310 deaths - 0.79%

Above: Combining the increase of population due to immigration, a huge jump in suicides and an aging populations; yearly death rates are normal and what was expected.

COVID-19 is not a virus. Coronvirus and Novel Coronavirus are not viruses.

COVID-19 is a generic diagnosis describing the medical status of a person who has tested positive for one of the twenty-seven different viruses grouped together under the Coronavirus and Novel Coronavirus classifications. Twenty-six of the twenty-seven viruses are harmless to a healthy person and if by chance become infectious will only produce mild common flu symptoms if any at all. Please note: Very sick and very old people are in danger of any virus, which includes common cold, common flu and the weaker Coronavirus viruses. The only Coronavirus virus that is potentially dangerous to a healthy person is SARS-Cov-2. All COVID-19 cases reported by the media are people that might have one of the twenty-seven types of Coronavirus, not specifically SARS-CoV-2, and in many cases not even a Coronavirus Virus even though they tested positive. There have only been four confirmed cases of SARS-CoV-2 in Ontario. Two people were treated at McMaster Medical in Hamilton and two were treated at Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto (I was told this personally by a regional Public Health Nurse). That is four confirmed cases of SARS-Cov-2 in Ontario, which is Canada's hotspot for positive tests of COVID-19 among a population of 14,570,000 people. I do not know if any of the four people died or survived. Being labeled as being COVID-19 means nothing at this point but there is more. It's explained farther below.

Tests for Coronvirus Viruses:

The Serology Test (cheapest and used all across North America) is designed to recognize if a cell has been invaded by a virus, any virus, by detecting antibody proteins around an affected cell, which is called a protein spike. Even the common cold virus gives you a protein spike, which is why 97% of people labeled as COVID-19 never show any symptoms of any sickness. There are 1000s of viruses on Earth and there are many of them in your body at any given time but your antibodies keep them jailed inside cells so they do not become infectious. Eventually the cell dies and takes the virus with it. If the Serology Test detects any protein spikes at all, even if caused by cold, common flu, measles, viral pneumonia, mumps, chicken pox, herpes, rubella, papillomavirus, HIV, meningitis, hepatitis, mononucleosis, shingles etc...etc..., you get labeled as COVID-19 because all the Serology Test does is detect the presence of a protein spike. Again; being tested positive for COVID-19 means nothing. Using the Serology Test is just adding to public hysteria by creating mass amounts of incorrect information.

The PCR Test (Polymerase Chain Reaction - The word test was added by the media) is not a test at all. It's a method of replicating DNA sequences so that medical researchers can have a large sample of viral DNA to work with. The PCR test is being hailed by the media as the best test out there, which is 100% false. The PCR Test was invented to replicate HIV DNA. It's only used after a virus has been isolated and identified. It does not look for viruses. It does not identify viruses. It does not test for the presence of a virus. It cannot tell if a virus is infectious or imprisoned in a cell surrounded with immune proteins. It is not a test. It does not mean SARS-Cov-2 is present and it does not mean SARS-Cov-2 is not present. The PCR has absolutely nothing to do with diagnosing a person with a virus.

The inventor of the PCR, Kary Mullis, specifically told the World Health Organization that PCR cannot be used to identify viruses or measure their population in the body or identify if they have become infectious. It does not test for viruses. It's for DNA replication only. Using the Serology Test is just adding to public hysteria.

In actual fact; there is no convenient test for SARS-COV-2 or any of the Coronavirus Viruses at all outside of a sophisticated medical lab. At this point; old fashion doctoring offers the best diagnoses by studying first-hand the type and severity of symptoms.


A professional medical-grade HEPA filter mask when molded absolutely air tight around the face will stop bacteria and viruses that are 0.5 microns or bigger with normal calm breathing. Particles as big as 3 microns can slip through with accelerated breathing. Coronavirus viruses are 0.125 microns and go right through a HEPA filter. The masks made out of cloth, that every person in North America is wearing, stop Coronavirus Viruses as well as your underwear stops gas. People want to believe the cloth masks are better than nothing but in reality; nothing is not better than nothing. Just step outside on a cold day with your mask on and see if you can see your breath.

After all this; even if they did find a Coronavirus Virus in one of the samples, there are twenty-seven different viruses under the Coronavirus and Novel Coronavirus classifications. Twenty-six of them are harmless to healthy people. Coronavirus Viruses can be recognized by the halo or corona of antibody proteins that circle the cells that have been invaded. Twenty-six of the Coronavirus viruses only replicate a cell's DNA so they are not very good at hiding from our immune system. SARS-Cov-2 replicates / absorbs both the DNA and the RNA of a cell, which makes it hide from our immune systems longer. The RNA that SARS-Cov-2 replicates degrades after a few days and a healthy person's immune system will then recognize the SARS-Cov-2 virus and attack before it becomes infectious. People that are already dying of an index condition like cancer have exhausted their immune system making it extremely easy for SARS-Cov-2 or any of the Coronavirus Viruses to become infectious before the RNA degrades thus why extremely old and very sick people die while healthy people show no symptoms. These already sick people are also in a situation where they would die if they caught a common cold, pneumonia, measles, mumps....etc...etc....etc... which is why total deaths in the USA and Canada are within predicted parameters. It's very easy to blame every death on a Coronavirus Virus when you have a medical system and government that cannot provide any real answers and need to avoid embarrassment and save face. It's all damage control at this stage of the game.

Being listed as a COVID-19 death does not mean you died from one of the Coronavirus Viruses:

There is a pandemic every year. It's called flu season. It's common for people to die of the flu with between 22,000 and 64,000 deaths on average in the USA every year including over 80,000 deaths in 2018. These are real flu deaths; not people that tested positive for a Coronavirus Virus in that last few days of battling a deadly disease like cancer. It's common for approximately 2500 to 3500 people in Canada to die from the flu every year. This is not counting people that die of index conditions and get listed as a COVID-19 death because faulty testing says they have one of the Coronavirus viruses. In 2020 flu cases and flu deaths are reaching gigantic numbers because they are being counted incorrectly. Total Canadian deaths in 2020 are well within predicted parameters and considered normal. We have a growing population and an aging population. The death rate grows each year and so does the birth rate. In 2019 there was a curious drop in the death percentage (1.3%) but it rebounded in 2020 (4.4%). There is nothing unusual about 2020.

Traditionally people dying of cancer would be listed as "died of cancer" when they died. It is the same with all people suffering from terminally ill conditions, which are called index conditions. In 2020 all terminally ill patients that tested positive for "any virus" or one of the twenty-seven Coronavirus Viruses gets listed as a COVID-19 death and not dying of their index condition; even if the virus did not contribute to their death at all. If the patient had a cold virus, measles, mumps etc...etc...; they would get listed as a COVID-19 death. There is absolutely no evidence of anyone in Canada dying of a Coronavirus Viruse that was not already dying of an index condition. In actual fact, there have only been four confirmed cases of SARS-Cov-2 in Ontario according to a Public Heath Nurse I talked to from Southern Ontario.


When someone is dying of a terminally ill "index condition" like cancer; in their final days their immune system is completely exhausted and not functioning. With only a few days of life left it is extremely common for these people to contract a cold, pneumonia, flu, measles, mumps etc...etc... which knocks the life right out of them. When a terminally ill patient contracts a second disease they become a co-morbidity patient. Now in 2020 co-morbidity patients are being counted as COVID-19 deaths and not by there index condition. Even if their test was a false positive or the COVID had nothing to do with their death or just assisted in their death in the last few days; they are being counted as a COVID death. As humans age the likelihood of contracting a terminally ill disease increases, which is why the average age of a person listed as dying of COVID-19 is near 90. These people did not die of COVID-19. They have already said goodbye to their loved ones and were waiting for the end.

Is There a Pandemic?:

With immigration increasing the population of Canada and the USA, as well as an aging population, the 2020 death rate increased but was well within predicted parameters as a normal death rate. When you consider the 240% increase in suicides and eliminate suicides from total numbers; 2020 had an unusually low death rate. There is no pandemic; just mass hysteria caused from false reporting. Even with the information in this report people in long term care facilities need extra safety standards with a staff that follows precautions designed by medical professionals, not politicians. Those medical professionals need to be protected from political influences and threats. Again; common cold, common flu, weaker Coronavirus Viruses are all deadly to people that have compromised immune systems due to other types of sickness and extreme old age. Every second of life counts.

The NEW COVID-19 Vaccine:

We ask the question; what is this new vaccine really for and why is the government going hell-bent-for-leather to get everyone injected with this "vaccine"? Is it the fake pandemic's job to scaremonger the public into getting the new COVID-19 vaccine? That does not make sense. No flu vaccine has ever worked in history. They have been nothing more than placebos to keep hypochondriacs out of hospital emergency rooms. 99% of real vaccines take years to develop but in this case; Pfizer announces the development of a miracle COVID-19 vaccine at an extremely politically advantageous time (the day after the US election). The government did not go to all this trouble to scare the public into taking a placebo. I find it hard to believe our government leaders are narcissistic psychopaths that have purposely destroyed the economy and lives of millions of Americans and Canadians to get Donald Trump out of the Whitehouse. Again we need to ask; what is the vaccine really for?


If you tell the truth you are good!
If you tell a lie you are bad!
If you mix lies with the truth you are evil!

The news media and the governments of Canada and the USA along with their heath care systems are operating within a culture of evil. They are mixing lies with the truth to maintain a high level of public hysteria by publishing death statistics, which they know are false. Now in the spring of 2021 they have started a second wave of scaremongering to scare people into getting the COVID-19 vaccine shot. My first big question is why? My second big question is what's in the vaccine that they don't want us to know about? Hitler, through the use of propaganda (a mix of lies and the truth), convinced the German people that Jews turned into rats at night and ate children and spread disease. He rose to power by offering a solution...the final solution!!! What kind of solution are we going to be offered?

Update on January March 23/2021

Best Regards
Gary Skrzek

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